Kambi Malayalam ammayi Kambi Samsaram MP3 Audio

malappuram kambi malayalam ammayi talking in phone samsaram night time hot malayalam kambi samsaram .In the modern world  this is quit normal and every youngster is like also. i can say is this right no that is not important anyway the talk is not to be end in the beginning times of call the caller never bothered about the time they will spend the time unknowingly. till mid night .Both will talks about all things in the world they will not have any particular thing to talk.

kambi Ammayi Chechi Katha
Kambi sarala

The main and important thing is to release the pressure valve of the mind thats all .The malappuram ammayi talk in kambi samsaram is quit good and also some special things in between them.any way enjoy the kambi malayalam talk .sindhu aunty kambi malayalam talk.rama chechi malayalam kambi samsaram MP3 download.the ammayi kambi talk in phone is also good

Kambi audio call